About Us

Established in 1980, Mr. Thanwerdas D. Punjabi started Kayteestar in the name of his beloved wife Mrs. Kamla Thanwerdas in Sierra Leone - West Africa. Kayteestar started Imports of Consumer goods & Pharmaceuticals as Importer / wholesalers and started totally focusing on Quality Pharmaceutical & Medical products affordable for all.

Mr. T. D. Punjabi's Motto was “ALWAYS, BEST, EFFICIENT, EFFIECTIVE RESULTS", Medicine for all.

With its Moto and total focus on affordable and quality medicine, Kayteestar was very successful in importing nearly 300-400 products in sizeable volumes from various renowned manufacturers covering a wide spectrum of brands and category of medicine. The products were sold and distributed at low margins to benefit the people of Sierra Leone thus making Kayteestar the leading pharmaceutical Importer in Sierra Leone.

With the large repertoire of products and  backed  by experience and expertise Mr. T. D. Punjabi and his son Mr. Prem Punjabi expanded and ventured into neighboring country of Liberia. under the banner of ABEER Pharmaceuticals. The collective orders thus resulted in economical Volume Imports benefiting both countries vast population to get Low cost, good quality, affordable, wide spectrum of medicines. The pace of Imports since 1990 has grown to a total range of 600 products covering newer Molecules being introduced for a speedier recovery of ailments.

The Kayteestar Group now has 1 wholesale outlet in Sierra Leone, 3 whole sale & 5 retail outlets in Liberia  covering more than 50% of the pharmaceutical trade in both countries. Kayteestar now has its own registered brands which guarantee excellent Quality and efficacy.

Vision :

Kayteestar Group is committed to bring a massive change into the health segment of the society by Importing quality and affordable medicine to enable every single person to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.

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