Kayteestar Group keeps a sharp eye on the manufacturing of every formulation for its quality, efficacy and packaging.
Kayteestar Group has also developed its own brands that carry its trade mark   on every product. 

All products are manufactured in WHO-GMP units with standard manufacturing competency, continuous R&D for Innovative products and a qualified laboratory to check every batch. These products are then registered with with the FDA of the Importing country ensuring only approved  products are Imported and distributed in the country at affordable prices.

Kayteestar Group - Abeer ensures that such Imported quality product’s reaches its destiny with its distributing network to reaches all the corners of the country.

As quality is not for an instance, but for a habit, Kayteestar Group had made a habit of spreading quality product to serve people. It ensures that all ingredients, formulations and packagings are made from approved manufacturer’s meeting all Pharmacopeia standards.

The end products are at par and of the highest quality and standards. All Kayteestar Group production units are monitored by a team of experts specialized in quality control and quality assurance.

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